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A One Log Campfire?

Yes, a one log campfire with all the benefits of a full blown multi wood campfire. This is the wave of the future; bridging the gap between true outdoorsmen and those who can only spare a weekend. Whether you're in the city or in the country Timber Tote One Log Campfire is the easy, affordable, no mess fire for the whole family.

A Few Words Timber Tote

Why we think YOU should have one
Timber Tote was built out of love of nature, with the desire to share the outdoors with those all over the world. For use in the city, country, driveways and other venues. This is the wave of the future, we are changing the way campfires are enjoyed.
About our Design!
Our design is simple, user friendly and ultimately eco friendly. Our product comes ready to light with handles for easy transportation. It will completely burn out and down to next to nothing with minimal cleanup. The perfect design for the perfect One Log Campfire!